Fertasa Soil Fertility and Plant Nutrition Symposium 2017

Speaker: Dr Fernando Salvagiotti (Researcher)
INTA – Argentina

Curriculum Vitae – Brief CV F Salvagiotti

Dr Fernando Salvagiotti – Management of Soybean Nutrition – Paper

Dr Fernando Salvagiotti – Management of Soybean Nutrition – Presentation


Speaker: Dr Johan Labuschagne (Senior Scientist / Extraordinary Lecturer University of Stellenbosch)
Western Cape Department of Agriculture

Curriculum Vitae – Brief CV J Labuschagne

Dr Johan Labuschagne – Wheat Fertilization Trials in the Cape – Paper

Dr Johan Labuschagne – Wheat Fertilization Trials in the Cape – Presentation (34MB)


Speaker: Dr Gerhardus Nortje (Senior Lecturer, Environmental and Soil Science)

Curriculum Vitae – Brief CV G Nortje

Dr Gerhardus Nortje – Fertilization of Macadamia Nuts – Paper

Dr Gerhardus Nortje – Fertilization of Macadamia Nuts – Presentation


Speaker: Stephan Schoeman (Advisor)
Soetkalmoes Consultation

Curriculum Vitae: Brief CV S Schoeman

Stephan Schoeman – Fertilization of Avocado and Lychee – Paper

Stephan Schoeman – Trends in Avocado and Lychee Fertilizing – Presentation (48MB)


Symposium Attendance List

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