Policies and Rules


  1.  While an examination is in progress, no candidate may help or try to help another obtain assistance, or try to obtain assistance or communicate or try to communicate with any other person.
  2.  Unless stipulated otherwise for an examination, a candidate while he/she is in the examination venue, may not have in his/her possession a cellular phone, any book, memorandum, note(s), sketch, map, film, any other document (including blank paper) or any other aid with a bearing on the examination subject, even if it bears no relation to the examination, with the exception of his/her personal examination timetable and whatever is handed out to him/her in the examination venue.
  3. In the case of ‘’open book’’ examinations the Fertilizer Handbook and Additional Notes issued for the course, are permitted.
  4. Cellular phones are not allowed in examination venues under any circumstances, even if they are switched off. Being in possession of a cellular phone may lead to disciplinary action against a candidate and invigilator.
  5. A candidate who does not comply with these instructions will be subject to disciplinary steps by the Fertasa Educational Committee


  1. Terwyl ‘n eksamen aan die gang is, mag geen kandidaat ‘n ander kandidaat help of probeer om ‘n ander kandidaat te help om hulp te verkry of om hulp te verkry van/of te kommunikeer of met iemand anders te kommunikeer nie.
  2. Tensy andersins bepaal vir ‘n eksamen, mag ‘n kandidaat nie in sy/haar besit wees van ‘n selfoon, enige boek, memorandum, aantekeninge, skets, kaart, film, enige ander dokument/e (insluitend blanko papier) of enige ander hulp wat verband hou met die eksamenvak nie, al hou dit nie verband met die eksamen nie, met die uitsondering van sy / haar persoonlike eksamenrooster en alles wat aan hom / haar uitgedeel word in die eksamenlokaal.
  3. In die geval van ”oopboek”-eksamens word die Bemestingshandleiding en Addisionele Notas wat vir die kursus uitgereik is, toegelaat.
  4. Selfone word onder geen omstandighede in eksamenlokale toegelaat nie, al is hulle afgeskakel. Om in besit te wees van ‘n selfoon kan lei tot dissiplinêre optrede teen ‘n kandidaat en die toesighouer.
  5. ‘n Kandidaat wat nie aan hierdie instruksies voldoen nie, sal onderworpe wees aan dissiplinêre stappe deur die Fertasa Opvoedkundige Komitee.


If the Fertasa Educational Committee finds a candidate guilty of an irregularity of some kind in connection with writing an examination, the Fertasa Educational Committee may impose, inter alia, one or more of the following disciplinary measures or sanctions.

a) refuse to recognize the marks obtained by the candidate in the examination concerned;
b) reject the candidates examination script in respect of the concerned;
c) exclusion from any further examinations for a period of time or indefinitely;
d) cancel any examination or other marks;
e) refuse to issue certificate;
f) take any other appropriate, educationally justifiable disciplinary measure; and
g) a letter confirming the finding, as well as the disciplinary measures imposed by the Fertasa Educational Committee will be sent to the employer of the candidate where applicable