Frequently Asked Questions

  • Once I have registered and paid for the course, can I write the exams whenever I want?
    When you have registered and paid for the course you can write the exams when you want as long as you register for the specific exam. This exam registration is a separate registration to enable us to provide the logistics at the exam venue, for example; sufficient exam papers, chairs and tables etc for that specific exam.
  • Is there a time limit to complete the course?
    There is no time limit. When the course is revised candidates will get one year to complete the old course. After the one year grace period candidates will then have to comply with the new revised course.
  • Can I write a re-exam if I failed module/modules?
    Yes failed module/modules can be repeated but re-exam fees are applicable.
  • When and how will I receive the results of the exams?
     The exam results will be made known to either yourself or your employer, whichever you choose, about one month after the exams.
  •  Do I get a certificate when successful in the exams?
     Yes a certificate and an ID card will be sent to you after the successful completion of the course.
  • When and where do I write exams?
    Exams are written twice a year, usually beginning of May and September, at various exam venues throughout South Africa as indicted on the registration form.
  •  What is the procedure after I have registered and paid for the course?
    After registration and payment you must decide where and when to write the exams. You must then register for that exam date and exam venue (on-line) before the deadline. You will receive confirmation of your exam registration about one week before the exam after exam registrations have closed.
  • What happens when I cannot write the exam?
    If you do not write the exam, all fees will be forfeited, you must then apply for re-exams of the specific module/s with the applicable fees for re-exams. If you cancel your exam registration before the deadline you can schedule the exam for another date without additional fees. If you have a good reason/crisis for not writing the exam for example illness, death in the family etc. you re-write the exams without additional costs, when you submit proof of the crisis i.e. doctor’s certificate or funeral letter etc.
  •  How do I find the exam venue?
     The GPS coordinates of all exam venues will be on the Fertasa/Facts website as well as the physical address and a map.
  •  Can I get old exam papers to help me study for the exams?
     No.  At the end of each module in the additional notes you will find self evaluating questions, which are an indication of the type of questions you may expect for that module in the exams.