Symposium Presentations


Via ZOOM Video Communication, 20 August 2020
“2020 Vision for Crop Production Under Climate Change”


CV’S and Presentations of our Speakers

Speaker: Prof Lewis Ziska – University of Columbia

Curriculum Vitae – Brief Ciriculum Vitae_Prof Ziska 


Speaker: Dr Johann Strauss – Western Cape Department of Agriculture

Curriculum Vitae – Brief CV Dr Johann Strauss


Speaker: Prof Hannes Rautenbach – Akademia

Curriculum Vitae – Brief CV Prof Hannes Rautenbach


Speaker: Dr Christo Malan – Agrilibrium

Curriculum Vitae – Brief CV Dr Christo Malan

Plant Stress Tolerance Mechanisms with reference to nutrient requiring Physiological Mechanisms – Presentation


Speaker: David Taverna-Turisan – Omnia

Curriculum Vitae – Brief CV David Taverna-Turisan


Speaker: Theo Pistorius – Consultant

Curriculum Vitae – Brief CV Theo Pistorius


Speaker: Thembi Mkhize – Strategic Water Partners Network

Curriculum Vitae – Brief CV Thembi Mkhize  


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