Symposium Presentations

Soil Fertility and Plant Nutrition Symposium 2021

Nutrient Use Efficiency

Presenters CV’s and Presentations

Dr Achim Dobermann, Chief Scientist,
International Fertilizer Association (IFA)

Brief CV_Dr Achim Dobermann   

Presentation: Dr Achim Dobermann


Dr Shamie Zingore, African Plant Nutrition Institute

Brief CV_Dr Shami Zingore 

Presentation: Dr Shamie Zingore


Prof Xin Zhang, University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science

Brief CV_Prof Xin Zhang 

Presentation to follow


Prof Claudia Wagner-Riddle, University of Guelph, Canada

Brief CV_Dr Claudia Wagner Riddle 

Presentation: Prof Claudia Wagner-Riddle


Dr Tom Bruulsema, Plant Nutrition, Canada

Brief CV_Dr Tom Bruulsema 

Presentation: Dr Tom Bruulsema


Mr Jan van der Merwe, Fertasa Affiliate Member

Brief CV_Jan vd Merwe 

Presentation: Mr Jan van der Merwe


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