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(8de Hersiene Uitgawe 2016)
Afrikaans version of the Fertilizer Handbook

R808,00 (includes postage and packaging)

Fertilizer Handbook – The Fertilizer Handbook is now available.

(8th Revised Edition 2016)
This is a hard cover handbook that has primarily been written for the use of persons who are involved in some way or another in a fertiliser advisory capacity. It is not intended to be a complete technical handbook, but rather a concise presentation covering a wide range of topics. For this reason, interested farmers and students will also find it to be a useful guide. It is prescribed as part of the agricultural curriculum at some Technikons and Universities in South Africa.

R808,00 (includes postage and packaging)

Deficiency Symptoms in Maize (Currently not in stock)

A3-size colour pamphlet depicting the deficiency symptoms in maize.