To enjoy all the benefits and services on offer, organizations and individuals are encouraged to join Fertasa. Two types of membership are available, namely Ordinary Membership and Affiliate Membership. Take note that all membership applications need to be approved by the CEO.

Fertasa’s Services

Fertasa serves its Members, the Fertilizer Industry and Agriculture overall by:

  • Liaising with the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (DAFF) Registrar in South Africa;
  • Publishing the Fertilizer Handbook / Bemestingshandleiding;
  • Hosting an annual Congress and Symposium;
  • Offering the Fertilizer Advisor’s Certification and Training Scheme (FACTS) course;
  • Issuing Members with certificates for complying with a set of standards based on Fertasa’s Code of Conduct and passing a third party audit;
  • Managing the Fertilizer Quality Monitoring Scheme;
  • Offering import and export statistics on the Fertilizer Industry.

Please give us a call (+27 (12) 349 1450 or send us an email ( to find out more about any of these services.


Fertasa remains dedicated to the promotion of sustainable Soil Fertility and enhanced Plant Nutrition. All of our Members are committed to:

  • A Code of Conduct;
  • A set of standards audited by an independent compliance management body;
  • Quality Products;
  • Relevant scientifically based recommendations;
  • Continual leaning and improvement;
  • Complying with all legal requirements

Product Registrations

Fertasa liaises closely with DAFF with regard to South African fertilizer legislation and regulations. We also assist members and non-members with the registration of fertilizer products, which is done by DAFF in terms of Act 36 of 1947.


Our very popular Fertilizer Handbook / Bemestingshandleiding is a collection of scientific principles and guidelines on soil fertility and plant nutrition. In 2016, the guidelines for fertilizing Maize, Vegetables, Lucerne and Wheat were revised and updated. New chapters were also added on Precision Farming and Canola.

Annual Events

Fertasa organises and presents an Annual Congress and Plant Nutrition & Soil Fertility Symposium. These events address the latest developments in the business and science of Plant Nutrition.

We also host workshops during the course of the year on relevant industry topics.

To stay informed, keep and eye on our website’s Events page or send us an email asking us to add you to our mailing list.


Fertasa administers FACTS/BASOS, which is a distance learning course. This course aims to enhance the skill of Plant Nutritionists and Agricultural Advisors alike. Candidates are drawn from the private sector, government, agri-business and co-operatives in South Africa and its neighbouring countries. The course is open to all interested persons.

The Handbook was compiled by our Publications Committee, a team of Fertilizer Industry experts. It is a valuable resource for those working in the Agricultural Industry, Farmers and anyone that is involved in the business of fertilizers. As such, it is a prescribed book for those studying agriculture at colleges and universities.

Fertilizer Statistics

Fertilizer imports and exports are a good indication of the overall fertilizer market size. They also indicate import and export countries, products and value. Fertasa has developed a database that analyses South African customs data from SARS. Selected statistics are open to the general public at, however Fertasa’s Members enjoy more in-depth reports via a private Members-only feature.

Fertilizer Quality Monitoring Scheme

The Fertilizer Quality Monitoring Scheme started as a joint operation between Grain SA and Fertasa. The purpose of the scheme is to instill confidence in the industry and maintain its integrity, which is done through the random sampling of fertilizer products in warehouses and farms. These samples are them analysed by independent laboratories. A summary of the results is reported to interested parties and published in agricultural media.