Fertilizer Information

Fertasa strives to provide information on fertilizer and crop related topics. Apart from assistance with fertilizer applications, queries relating to fertilizer usage, plant nutrition and soil fertility usage, plant nutrition and soil fertility are referred to our Technical Advisers or Subject Matter Specialists for their expert opinions and advice.

Member companies and others are encouraged to share their experiences in proven techniques and novel approaches in ensuring social, environmental and economic sustainability for all.

IFA Safety Article

Chemistry World July 2017

Ref: Chemistry World, Page 65, Volume 14, Issue 7. Published by the Royal Society of Chemistry, UK


Filing a complaint at DAFF

  • An email should be sent to Iris from Inspection Services IrisM@daff.gov.za. She can also be contacted on 012 319 7174
  • Include in the email; the name and physical address of the company that is to be investigated
  • A description of the complaint
  • The name and ID number and telephone number of the complainant should also be included in the email


Product Solubility