Management Committee

The Management Committee represents all the ordinary and affiliate members who nominate their representatives at the Annual General Meeting. The Management Committee has the authority to approve inter alia the Memorandum of Incorporation, financial budget, membership fees, financial statements and auditor fees. Operating Committees are appointed by the members and such committees report to the Chief Executive Officer.
Chairperson: Dr Erik Adriaanse

Technical Committee

Each member has the right to be represented on the Technical Committee. The Technical Committee develops policies and guidelines for fertilizer use in order to ensure responsible and sustainable soil fertility and plant nutrition in southern Africa.

Chairperson: Dr Nicole Hart

Regulations and Compliance Committee

The Regulations Committee is responsible for the development and interpretation of regulations pertaining to fertiliser products. The Committee liaises with the Registrar of Act 36 of 1947 to enhance and protect the interests of its members.

Chairperson: André Britz

Quality Management

The Quality Management Committee is responsible for the development and maintenance of procedures and protocols that will ensure compliance to product quality requirements by all its members. The Committee liaises with AgriLASA, organised agriculture and government organisations to enhance and protect the interest of its members.

Chairperson: Vossie Wilsnach

Educational Committee

Comprises of:
  • Publications Committee
  • Training Committee
Chairperson: Mark Hawksworth

Publications Management

Chairperson: Prof Robin Barnard

The Publications Committee is responsible for all the publications of Fertasa, including the Journal, Fertiliser Handbook, pamphlets and brochures.

Training Management

Chairperson: Frans Joubert

The Training Committee is responsible for the development and implementation of training courses such as the “Fertiliser Advisors, Certification and Training Scheme (FACTS)”. The members of the Committee serve as examiners for FACTS.