Code of Conduct Compliance

Members of Fertasa subscribe to a code of conduct and undertake to:

  • Conform to the mission and objectives of Fertasa as stipulated in the Memorandum of Incorporation
  • Act in accordance with the letter and spirit of laws and regulations which have relevance on the fertiliser and agricultural lime industries;
  • Respect and honour contractual agreements entered into with their customers and suppliers.

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Termination of Membership by the Board

  • If the Board terminates a Member’s membership, the Member will be notified within 7 days from the decision
  • Membership termination is effective from the date of the Board decision and is final.
  • Termination of membership is final. If membership has been terminated by the Board, a new application for membership will be required if the individual or organisation wishes to become a Member of the Company at any future

Termination in terms of the FERTASA Code of Conduct

  • The Board adjudicates upon all complaints and The interpretation of the Code of Conduct is vested in the Board.
  • The Chairman of the Board may, if satisfied that no injustice will result, extend any time period contemplated in the rules pertaining to termination of membership in terms of the FERTASA Code of Conduct.
  • Any interested party wishing to make a complaint (hereinafter called the complainant) against a FERTASA member in terms of the FERTASA Code of Conduct, must submit a written complaint to the Chairman of the Board. The complainant shall be provided with a copy of the Code of Conduct. The complaint must take the form of a written statement and must contain full particulars of the complaint, copies of all relevant correspondence, the names and addresses of any witnesses, if applicable, and any other evidence, including affidavits in support of the complaint.

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