Fertasa Press Release: Congress and AGM 2020



Kindly note that due to the Covid-19 virus and the restrictions put in place by the Government, Fertasa has no option but to follow correct protocol and postpone all upcoming meetings until further notice.

Covid-19 scare! The Fertasa staff were not permitted to be in the office on Wednesday 25 June as there was someone in building 4E (third floor above Fertasa) who was tested positive for Covid-19. Fortunately the Fertasa staff are all safe and healthy and the building has been sanatized in the meantime so we have been allowed back in the office.

The Fertilizer Society of South Africa was established in 1959. It was restructured in 2014, when it became known as the Fertilizer Association of Southern Africa (Fertasa). The Association represents the fertilizer industry in Southern Africa, with its members producing, trading, blending and distributing fertilizer products across this region. Fertasa’s purpose is to act as the recognised and preferred body that promotes the image of the fertilizer industry by:

    • Promoting the integrity of its members and building preferential trust for their products and services;
    • Enhancing and protecting the interests of its members through effective engagement with government and organised agriculture.

Please read more about our association here.

Become a member

The Company has three types of members, namely:

  • ordinary members,
  • affiliate members and
  • honorary members.

The Company is funded through membership fees which are paid by all members except for honorary members. Membership fees will be reviewed annually and submitted to the Management Committee for approval.

For more information on the Memorandum of Incorporation of the Fertilizer Association of Southern Africa or membership of the Association, contact us on general@fertasa.co.za.