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FERTASA, a registered non-profit company (NPC), represents the interests
of the fertiliser and agricultural lime industries in South Africa. Membership
currently comprises 23 companies, of which two operate in Zimbabwe and
are Zimbabwean-owned.

FertASA focuses on the following core functions:

  • Actively promotes the agro-economic and environmentally-accountable fertiliser and aglime practices;
  • Develops a positive public awareness and acceptance of the need for fertiliser and aglime use in food production;
  • Improves the operating environment within which its constituent industries operate in a spirit of free enterprise and fair trade;
  • Assimilates, adds value to and disseminates fertiliser and aglime related information;
  • Provides a discussion forum for its members and other parties on all aspects relating to fertiliser and aglime distribution, agronomic advice and product quality.

Code of Conduct

Members of FERTASA subscribe to a code of conduct and undertake to:
  • Conform to the mission and objectives of FERTASA as stipulated in the Memorandum of Incorporation;
  • Act in accordance with the letter and spirit of laws and regulations which have relevance on the fertiliser and agricultural lime industries;
  • Respect and honour contractual agreements entered into with their customers and suppliers;

Gedaanteverwisseling van die Misstofgenootskap

Adam Mostert, uitvoerende hoof van FERTASA

Die Misstofvereniging van Suid-Afrika het 'n gedaanteverwisseling ondergaan. Sy vlerke is ook wyer oor Suider-Afrika gespan om landbou en volhoubare voedselsekerheid doeltreffender te dien.
Die genootskap sal voortaan bekend staan as die Fertilizer Association of Southern Africa(FERTASA).

FERTASA het ook 'n duidelike visie en missie om landbou te dien, naamlik:

VISIE Erkenning as die verteenwoordigende stem van die misstofbedryf met die stempel van goedkeuring vir verantwoordelike en volhoubare grondvrugbaarheid en plantvoeding in Suider-Afrika.

MISSIE: Om 'n geloofwaardige platform te skep vir die bevordering van verantwoordelike en volhoubare aanwending van misstowwe.

Die genootskap het ook verander van 'n artikel 21 maatskappy na 'n maatskappy sonder winsbejag. Vir die eerste keer is ook 'n direksie verkies wat die hoogste gesag van die genootskap is.

The Soil Fertility and Plant Nutrition Symposium was held on 11 August this year with excellent speakers addressing the theme of MULTI-FACETS OF PLANT NUTRITION.

To access the papers and presentations please go to Symposium and click on the Proceedings button.

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